HBRN’s Leadership Factory: Special Guest Chris Mattis


Posted by Orrin Woodward on April 1, 2013

Orrin Woodward: HBRN Leadership Factory

Orrin Woodward: HBRN Leadership Factory

Doug Firebaugh, my good friend and fellow leadership fanatic, asked me to host HBRN’s Leadership Factory last year. Although in the middle of launching my leadership company LIFE, I happily accepted because I believe the Leadership Factory is a great way to share principles to help the entire Network Marketing and home business field. Given that Tony Cannuli, another great friend and leader, is my co-host, I knew the show would be meet with success. However, I have to say that these interviews have been more impacting than even my highest expectations. These interviews continue to cull out the best principle-centered leadership methodology in unique ways to benefit the entire professional community.

For this week’s show, we chose the topic of friendship and asked Chris Mattis to be our special guest. I expected a ton from Chris Mattis on this call, knowing that he has mastered the art of building friendships, and he did not disappoint. About once every two weeks, we are shooting a new show. Be sure to check the HBRN Leadership Factory page for the archived shows and also tune in live on Wednesday nights on HBRN for the radio broadcast!


Orrin Woodward


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