The American Dream

The American Dream  written by Ashley Beaubien

The “American Dream” is a phrase that has so much meaning behind it. America started as a vision. It was meant to be a Biblically mapped society run on Godly business principles, leading to solid economic value with

entrapenuership that would stem from families with strong moral conducts. It was this idea that lived and breathed freedom from tyranny. Everyone was educated in the affairs of thier towns. They were also aware of thier rights and felt this deep sense of responsibility but most importantly, a sense of dignity in themselves, as they trusted and relied on their Lord. They had equppied thier minds with Godly truth and acted on it. America was a nation to be free from bondage and poverty,  it was designed for all of these aspects to run together.


Now what do they call the “American Dream” today? Well unfortantly they call it worshipping money, they equate it with chasing and having things, especially if you think money is important. How dangerous for a society to not understand that everything was designed to work together. infact how deflating to not be able to teach the same nation that serves a perfect magnificant God, that its very means of keeping itself from economic bondage and slavery as the Bible teaches, is in fact not evil, but a tool for the kingdom. The way we view money comes down to the heart of man. I strongly believe that If more people would protect thier minds and judge thier hearts verses thier feelings that this would start to fix motives. Less hearts at war mean more Godly and pure hearts with positive world changing, society building motives. Before tv and countless mindless distractions, people used to understand this. Protecting our minds now is how we equip for this modern day America. Its easy to be comfortable.


The “American Dream” is the vision that all men can live in freedom. There are two types of freedom, spiritual and ecomonical. Money plays a huge role in the ecomical as the Bible clearly lays out. Currently our nations moral code is off balance. Even the Godliest of us all have a hard time fessing up to our creature comforts and un needed debts and so we blame it on chasing the “American Dream”. Its just easier than to try and figure out whats really going on inside of us. Lets stop doing that, lets put life back into what that statement initially was meant to be.For we know our true freedom lies in christ who is ultimatly freedom. That enables us to go to new heights, to change the way we are looking at things. Lets get out of these chains, the poverties of both nation and soul and catch the vision our county was founded on. Taxation without representation was a big deal, it sparked change and led to a freedom our society used to know. Now things are turning, like ourselves, our children have debts attached to them and some arent even born yet. Its time for America to know the roots of the “American Dream”. lets keep it alive. Lets not distort or prevert it. Thank you to all who fought and continue to fight for the Biblical call to have a dream such as this, freedom.


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