What can a 3 yr old teach me about sales and leadership?

Have you ever been taught something or informed of how to do something better and think you’ve got it understood?  You walk away from the meeting or the conversation and say to yourself “I’ve got this.” or “I can do that.” or maybe “That’s such a no-brain-er.”?  Then you find out later through what appears to be a completely unrelated situation that you didn’t “really” get it at all. You find yourself learning the same lesson or principle through some silly event and suddenly you have that epiphany or “ah ha” moment!  That’s what happened to me this morning!

light bulbah ha

I enjoy being a stay-at-home dad.  I absolutely love getting up every morning and eating breakfast with me kids. This morning was just like any other morning when my 3 year old daughter came into my bedroom and woke me up saying “Daddy, it’s day. It’s day”. We got some breakfast and then IT happened when I was trying to help my daughter get out of her pajamas and get dressed for the day. Person-question

She was half dressed and decided to go sit on her bed and not get the rest of her clothes on.  After a couple minutes of trying to coax her, I finally said “OK” I put her clothes down “I’ll take ’em”.  She immediately popped out of bed and wanted to finish getting dressed.

You may be thinking at this point “what on earth could this possibly teach me?”  My answer is this:  Posture!

Here’s the deal. I thought I knew about posture. I thought I had posture. In many cases I did.  But as I look back on various meetings or sales calls in the past I can see where I lost posture.   Maybe you’re sitting there at your desk reading this and you’re thinking about the sales call you had yesterday or last week where you lost your posture too.

Are you trying to sell your product with an attitude that says “I NEED you to buy this so that I can meet my goal”? Maybe you are in a desperate situation where you actually NEED to make that sale in order  to make rent.  Whatever the case may be, it all boils down to POSTURE.

Here’s the principle:  Stop NEEDing people to buy. Be willing to take the item off the table. Adopt an abundance mentality and ditch that old poverty/scarcity mentality.  Even if you make the sale but loose your posture, you’ll never make another sale to that person or get a referral from them

As a parent, I think we instinctively understand this principle and use it all the time!  Why, then would we shrink and loose our posture at work or when dealing others in the office?


Try thinking about it this way: You have the tastiest, ooey-gooiest, Freshest, warmest Chocolate chip cookies that you’re trying to sell or give away. They indeed be the absolute best cookies in the world.  One person says “yes” then the next person says “no”.  What do you do when that person says “no”?  do you drop your posture and start begging?  “oh, come on. please?  They’re really good, I promise you’ll like it.  These are the best cookies.”   Just reading that should make you feel disgusted.

If you had posture in the same instance you might respond in a slightly different way.  Something like this perhaps: ” No, really? why do you say that?…(listen for the answer) Allergic to chocolate, no kidding?…  What kind of cookies do you like? Which ones are your favorite”… That’s great. I’ve tried those before. The’re pretty good too. I don’t have any of those cookies at the moment but I’ll be sure to let you know when I do. Have a great day.”  And then take your cookies away.  Maybe if you’ve made a friend during the process you might see them purchase your cookies for a friend or family member.  You might even get a referral to contact friends and family directly.

Your posture makes all the difference in the world!

So, wrap this up all nice and pretty in a big bow for you, Here’s what a 3yr old can teach us about sales and leadership.

1. KNOW that you have (the cookies) what they need or want

2. Be willing to take it away (and do it at the right time)

3. Stop losing posture by begging (you don’t NEED them)

4. Adopt an abundance mentality (there are plenty of other customers / opportunities)

I hope this helps you in your own sales, leadership, or parenting experiences. Please comment below and let me know your thoughts.  Was it helpful to you?  Is there anything you’d like to add or think I missed?  As I learn these principles myself, I pray that through my experiences, you might implement and achieve better results in your own life.

Philip Brittain


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2 responses to “What can a 3 yr old teach me about sales and leadership?

  1. Great post:) I love how God used Brooklyn to give perspective. Its easy to have an abundance mentality once you decide to have posture. This most easily occurs once you allow yourself to know that God is in control as well as in the background placing all steps in order. What you have to offer will be receptive to those who are wanting and ready to recieve and the harvest is plenty. Posture is attitude and faith in action:D

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