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You Don’t Have to Get Good to Get Started, You Have to Get Started to Get Good!

“You don’t have to get good to get started, you have to get started to get good.” I love that quote.  I’m not sure who said it first but I heard it first from Leadership expert Orrin Woodward (Listed at #20 in Inc. Magazine’s Top 50 Leadership and management Experts) The truth of this statement rings louder the more people I talk to.

Orrin Woodward’s story alone should be enough to prove the statement true. But let’s not stop there. Chris Brady (inc.com’s #39 expert) who was mentored by Oriin Woodward has an equally impressive story. Having heard their story by them on audio or in person, I can only describe what they have said. Each of them started with a dream of a better life, an idea that drove them and many others to accomplish massive success. That success did not come easy however, Because neither Orrin or Chris had any decent people skills to talk about. Both were quintessential engineers with pocket protectors and color coordinated pens. Orrin quotes what someone wrote in his high school yearbook “arguing, arguing, early and late. If a line were crooked, he’d argue it straight.” Does that sound like a man born to lead thousands of people? No way!

When I hear men like Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, Dan Hawkins, Bill Lewis, George Guzzardo, Tim Marks, Claude Hamilton (and of course their amazing wives) and so many other incredible leaders within the Life Leadership organization tell their stories of dream and struggle toward victory, I see hope. I see hope like thousands of other leaders across the country and across the world because I know that I can achieve my goals and dreams just like they have. So can you. As the old saying goes “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”


The more I learn, the more I realize I need to learn. I don’t have all the answers, for that matter I may not have any answers. The one thing I do know is that we all have the ability to learn. We can and we do every single day! The real question for you is this: Are you going to make a decision to get started doing whatever you know in your heart you should be starting or are you going to complain about not being smart enough or talented enough or whatever else, enough? The choice is yours!

You can live in fear or you can decide to get started and learn what you need to learn along the way. Think about the first time you did anything. -Swing a bat at a baseball -Tie your shoes -crack an egg -read, write or spell How many things did you ever do perfectly the first time and every time thereafter? None! You have to learn, You have to practice, You have to seek help from others who have done it before. DON’T LET FEAR HOLD YOU BACK! Get into action today. You can do it! You can do it because you can learn. GO! DO! BECOME! Achieve your dreams! Follow your passions! Don’t forget to ask for help along the way.

You have to get started to get good!

So DECIDE to START today!

Philip Brittain


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I’ve attached an article from George Guzzardo regarding Finances that I think you will find informative and helpful.  Please enjoy.



How many of us have heard of someone who was climbing the corporate ladder only to discover that they were on the wrong ladder? In the modern world many of us are realizing that learning is not measured by examinations any more but by experiences that we grow from. That is why there is a buzz about the opportunity to learn from Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady with the release of the up and coming ‘Financial Fitness Pack’.This is a pack of CD’s and workbook that will provide information about the‘Offense’, ‘Defense’, and ‘Playing Field’, of personal finance.

Many of us have a difficult time understanding today’s modern economy and how it effects us, but if we arm ourselves with more knowledge founded from good economic principles we can prepare ourselves for any change. The ‘Financial Fitness Pack’ will provide principles to help prepare for the unexpected. Charles Handy writes a story about the Peruvian Indians who seeing the sails of the Spanish invaders on the horizon put it down to a freak of the weather and went on about their business, having no concept of sailing ships in their limited experience. Assuming continuity, they screened out what did not fit and let disaster in. Today there are rules that govern science, reading, writing, and speech but there seems to be some confusion about the rules that govern economics. The Oxford dictionary defines principles as basic truths or general laws about cause and effect. Learning solid financial principles can help us with our household economics.

Today government is guided by its economists not its citizens. There is a stereotype that good economic information must come from Ivy League graduates. Not true. Looking back through history you will find that the word economics comes from Greek origin. It is derived from ‘oikos’ =household, and ‘nem’ = administer or organize. Xenophon writes that‘oikonomikos’ describes a gentleman landowner who understands the proper use of wealth.  The ‘Financial Fitness Pack’ will provide a major breakthrough for those wishing to take greater control of their finances by providing what I feel will be the highest quality information for the least amount of cost ever before in the modern world or even the ancient world. Here is a summary of just a few areas you will learn from the Financial Fitness Pack:

The offense of ‘Financial Fitness’ will describe:

–      The mind set and moneyview of the financially fit.

–      Why you need to have long – term vision.

–      The advantages of putting multipliers on you wealth.

–      Harnessing the power of compounding to work for you.

The defense of ‘Financial Fitness’ will describe:

–      The habits of saving and budgeting.

–      The benefits of practicing delayed gratification.

–      A strategic plan to get out of debt.

The playing field of ‘Financial Fitness’ will describe:

–      Command vs. market economies and why it matters in history.

–      The history of money.

–      How inflation works.

–      The role and significance of entrepreneurs.

–      Predicting and preparing for economic downturns.

The workbook will provide examples and worksheets of an actual Financial Action Plan. This will come with an 8 CD pack to support your overall financial learning experience.

The famous inventor and educator Buckminster Fuller said that this type of preparation was to “help with the forward days of our lives.”He described wealth as the “progressive mastery of matter by the mind.” This meant that wealth, or value, is produced not by matter but the ideas that transform it. It’s not always work that produces wealth but working under the right principles. We now live in the information age and it’s critical that we get the right information. Just listen to those who have been surprised by unexpected changes in the economy. Crisis does not have to be the reason we learn. The LIFE business is committed to providing cutting edge quality information that is cost effective. By learning timeless principles we can prepare ourselves for the inevitable changes we know will come, but on the other hand we can influence the future, if we know where we want to go and what we want it to be. God Bless, George Guzzardo

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