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Uncommon Results Only Follow Uncommon Work

Our world is full of examples of people in our lifetime and throughout history who chose to be uncommon long enough to see uncommon results!  Whether in business or family or personal growth you can achieve the success if you learn one simple (notice I did not say “easy”) principle. Maybe you are struggling to see the results that you think you deserve already. Maybe you’ve been kicked off the proverbial horse and beaten down to the point that you have trouble even believing that success, however you define it, is even possible.  Maybe you’re the person who has been near the top in your profession but can never seem to break through that glass ceiling. perhaps you have tried to hit certain goals or win a sales or production contest but just can’t seem to get it done.  If you can relate to what I’m saying, I’m talking to YOU!

Talent is over-rated!  You may have most of the talent in your group or team but perhaps there is someone who has less talent than you stealing your spotlight, right?   Why is that happening? Why does it continue to happen? Because that person has hunger. I’m not referring to a hunger for food.  I’m referring to hunger as a dream, a reason why or a desire that fuels an uncommon work ethic.  A hungry person will have far more success than a talented person who is not hungry.  Hunger beats talent every time!

If you want success in any area, you must be willing to do the work.  Let me say that in a different way. In order to achieve uncommon success you must be willing to be uncommon. The common person will not work hard enough for long enough to achieve the success that you will achieve if you are willing to put in the work and preparation.

In addition  to the work ethic  there is one other principle that must be mentioned.  I think we have al heard the term ” there is no I in team.” but have you also heard the acronym for team?  TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More!   If you are running for a goal all by yourself or you think you alone can “carry” your team (even if your results usually do), you can truly achieve more if you start working as a team.  Everyone does more when you are working truly as a unit.  A word of caution: don’t be a prima donna!  Don’t try to be “the guy” or gal.  even if you are, if you give the credit away at every opportunity you will find yourself surrounded by friends and team mates working harder for the team goal and achieving far more than you could ever achieve on your own!

I love this clip from the movie miracle in which Herb Brooks, coaching the 1980 USA Olympic hockey team teaches these principles in a very powerful way.  Take a moment to watch this clip (about 7 minutes long)  and then answer a couple of questions afterward.

Do you know who you’re playing for?

Are you playing for the name on the back of your jersey or the name on the front of your jersey?

Ae you wearing the right jersey?

Do you have a good coach who will push you and challenge you to do your absolute best?

Are you doing the same things the rest of your team is doing? Are you a “common” team member?

If you are the coach or leader of an organization are you pushing and challenging your team toward uncommon work?


You CAN become uncommon. I love LIFE-Leadership because it is the best program to take an uncommon person and make a winner out them!  Better information applied will bring better results!


Philip Brittain



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